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Why MMP?


  • Better program planning means more focused and better results reaching goals sooner while controlling costs.
  • Using DSMore allows energy efficiency to be analyzed on a comparable basis with other utility planning models looking at efficiency as a supply option.  
  • Credible and experienced regulatory support from technical input, economic analysis, policy review, filling support, testimony development to expert witness.
  • MMP has a proven track record and high satisfaction ratings among numerous clients.
  • Our direct utility experience by all senior consultants assures MMP has real life implementation experience within a utility environment.  We have done it ourselves.  And you will always get our senior consultants to help you, not some lower level staff person.  
  • Since MMP consultants have planned and implemented programs directly, planning time can be reduced and mistakes avoided.
  • MMP focuses only on program planning and design.  While we can help a utility manage the process, MMP does not deliver other services so we have no vested interest in designing programs that other parts of our company might bid on.  We serve solely your planning and management interests.


  • MORGAN MARKETING PARTNERS is a small group of professionals who each have 40+ years of experience in the utility and energy efficiency business.  That type of successful planning, design, management and implementing of programs brings with it real wisdom from hands on experience that can’t be replicated by other consultants who don’t have that type of long term direct experience.
  • MORGAN MARKETING PARTNERS deals with all aspects of your organization’s programs.  We understand utilities and can work within the organization across departments, with senior management, with outside influencer groups, with trade allies and with regulatory agencies.
  • MORGAN MARKETING PARTNERS has a proven record.  In customer satisfaction surveys of previous clients MMP got very positive support.  The MMP customer survey for multiple years has had 100% of the respondents indicate that they would use MMP again and 100% would recommend MMP to others!!!  When asked the best aspect of MMP’s service here is what a few said:
  • “Great Ideas.”  “Very Knowledgeable.”
  • “Very Professional, a joy to work with.”
  • The best aspect is “the ability of Mr. Morgan personally to anticipate client need.”
  • “Proven record of productivity within budget.” “Value!”
  • MMP’s “insight and clarity in attacking a central issue.”