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Sample Projects

  • Program Designer for energy efficiency program portfolio for Detroit Edison (DTE Electric), MichCon (DTE Gas), Kansas City Power & Light, Vectren, Northern Indiana Public Service and Missouri River Energy Services including program delivery approach, measures to include, cost effectiveness modeling using DSMore, incentive establishment, and filing documents.
  • Expert Witness for Duke Energy North Carolina, NIPSCO, Consumers Energy, DTE Electric, DTE Gas, Vectren Energy and SEMCO in their energy efficiency rate cases.
  • Principal Planner and Advisor to Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. and the State of Wisconsin on the statewide residential and business public benefits efficiency program, Wisconsin Focus on Energy between 2001-2011. Assisted with program design, annual planning, evaluation coordination, and overall management.  Lead Business Program transition team at start-up and acted as interim Director of Business Programs while recruiting.
  • One of two Principal Auditors to complete the first Management Audit for the Energy Trust of Oregon. The audit was commissioned by the Energy Trust Board to review all aspects of the Trust including organizational structure, program design/delivery, support systems, public involvement and overall management.
  • Principal Consultant for Duke Energy and their “Collaboratives”. The Collaboratives are committees of Residential Interest groups, Commercial and Industrial customers, and citizens who advise the Company on potential future services.  As the Principal Consultant, Mr. Morgan performed many different tasks including the Collaborative program planning process, designing DSM programs, conducting research, overseeing evaluations, providing technical input for cost effectiveness modeling and developing new program ideas.
  • One of a team of reviewers hired by the California Public Utility Commission to review and advise them on the portfolio of utility DSM programs for 2006-2008. The CA statewide portfolio of programs from the four investor owned utilities is valued at more than $1 Billion dollars.  The team reviewed all the utility submittals to assess whether the portfolio goals could be achieved, lost opportunities avoided, program delivery was sound, and the program offerings were cost effective.
  • Led the development of an “Energy Savings Database” for all the utilities in Michigan, investor owned utilities in North and South Carolina, and other utilities such as AEP, Duke, IPL, NIPSCO, MRES, Ameren, and CLECO.
  • Principal Consultant and Designer of Refrigerator Replacement Program for State of Indiana. Program recognized by ACEEE as “Exemplary Program”.
  • Guest Author for E Source conducting research and writing two reports for the large commercial customer series: New Construction Programs: Get to the Table Early for Your Share of the Pie, and Developing Happily-Ever-After Relationships with Large Commercial Accounts.
  • Project Manager and Market Researcher to study and interview Key Account Customers for five different gas and electric companies across the US. In-depth personal interviews were conducted with the company’s largest industrial, commercial, health care, and government customers.  Interviews were designed to look at perceptions of the utilities, potential new services, structure of marketing department, and retail threats.  Results were used to help restructure the marketing and sales function and was used for account planning and potential new services.
  • Member of national DOE Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Peer Review Panel to review and advise the FEMP program on how to improve program effectiveness.
  • Member of national DOE State Energy Programs (SEP) Peer Review Panel to review and create an evaluation plan for all the state energy programs across the country.  Plans used in evaluating “Federal Stimulus Package” programs.  Reviewed and provided guidance for the evaluation.