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Morgan Marketing Partners, established in 1995, helps utilities and energy organizations throughout North America with energy efficiency planning, marketing, program design, and regulatory filings.  


Energy companies, utilities, energy efficiency organizations and government agencies often do not have the expertise or staff resources to adequately complete the planning and program design for energy efficiency and demand response programs.  This lack of resources and expertise causes deficient program design and implementation resulting in underachievement of goals and ineffective use of limited budgets.  Poor planning can also cause regulatory and customer satisfaction problems.  We can help.


A senior consultant specializing in energy efficiency program design and planning from MORGAN MARKETING PARTNERS (MMP) can help.  An MMP consultant to your company will help expedite the development of effective marketing and program plans, strategies and systems to meet your goals.  By utilizing the almost 90 years of combined experience and expertise of the MMP consultants, the company can develop plans faster, get better results, increase customer satisfaction and use its limited funds more effectively.

Contact us today to let us help you move forward with more savings for less dollars in your energy efficiency program.